4 things you misunderstood about Digital Marketing

4 things you misunderstood about Digital Marketing

4 things you misunderstood about Digital Marketing

Over the past month, I took some time to ask a few friends in management positions in different companies what they thought about Digital Marketing. The top four notions I got from our conversation were;

1. Digital Marketing is just posting on social and boosting posts.

Social media marketing plays a major role in Digital Marketing as this is where most companies engage with their customers and get real-time feedback on their products. Thing is, just putting up funny memes and artistic Instagram images don’t build a brand. Above all, it takes careful planning and strategy that is customer-centred to build quality engagement and generate leads.

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2. Digital Marketing is complicated and you can’t get business or measure effectiveness.

Digital Marketing is like any other tool, if placed in the wrong hands it can lead your organization into a whirlwind of expenditure without results. I have seen companies led to spending so much on facebook and Google ads without getting ROI. Make sure the person or agency you are working with is proficient in using Digital Marketing tools. Make sure they first sit to understand your company goals, your audiences and what channels they use to ensure each coin you put in produces results.

3. Digital Marketing only targets young people in Kenya and that’s not my TA.

It’s true that the highest number of social media users are young people between the ages 18-34. But it’s also true that people from 35 to 70 are active on Social media platforms. They are now conversant with many popular Digital channels. Just yesterday my mum called me to tell me she saw that I had changed my job on Linkedin. My father who is almost 60 is constantly on YouTube and on Google. Thanks to digital marketing you can serve content specific to the demographic you want.

4. Digital Marketing comes last after we have planned everything else.

Most people think they can create a product and then once it’s done they can start creating digital channels to throw them in and get customers or leads. I’ve worked in companies that started or optimized their platforms after being in business for over 3 years. Most digital marketing efforts take time to reach a place of effectiveness. For this reason, it’s like a Jiko, or a nyama choma grill you have to put coal and nurture the fire until it lights up properly. Strategies like SEO take months to get your website ranked on the first page. Also, social media needs time for your audience to get to trust you to the point where they want to purchase your service. I say let it be one of the first things you think of when starting your business.

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Online marketing is not an exact science. You can’t squarely guarantee results because you are marketing to people. People are unpredictable, but it brings you closer to the mark. The trick is to understand your TA and try different strategies to reach them. When you get it right you’ll find it to be cheaper than traditional methods.

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