5 B2B Digital Strategies That Will Help You Get Those Clients On Board

5 B2B Digital Strategies That Will Help You Get Those Clients On Board


For the longest time B2B companies in Kenya have relied on traditional marketing methods to generate  and convert leads. Recently, with the advent of digital marketing, we are seeing a trend in creation of hybrid systems that combine both inbound  strategies and outbound methods. Different from B2C where conversions happen faster, the B2Bs marketing funnel is quite longer. You must remember that before a conversion takes place, the lead you acquire has to go through different chain of commands. They have to acquire counsel from other members of management before committing to purchase your service or product.

Let’s say you are a digital marketer in a taxi company and you want to acquire different companies to use your business package. The key is to remember that even though you are targeting a business, the lead is an individual, the decision maker. Here is Plan on how to acquire and convert qualified leads.

  1.  Research and get to know your Target audience. Who are the people who have a say in those companies? Is it the operations manager, the directors or line managers? Try and find out their names through company websites or news articles.
  2. The next step is to determine their internet behaviour and psychology. Where do they hang out in the internet? What platforms do they use a lot (linked in, Facebook, email etc), what content do they consume the most (videos, infographics, blogs)
  3. Once you determine their internet psychology start positioning your company as a thought leader in the particular industry. You can do this by writing informative articles around your industry’s topics. Create how to and tips videos. Publish research papers (white papers), you could also publish short ebooks as well. SEO & SEM will also work well in this stage. Branding also plays well, putting your companies name out there and associating it with already respected brands or influencers. Make sure that at this stage your content always has a call to action directing the leads to your website/landing page.
  4. Now you’ve got their attention and they now have started to hold your company in high regard. They have clicked your links and they are now interested in finding out more about your company. This is where you give them a chance to opt into your emails. You will now be able to identify the qualified leads at this stage.
  5. Note that the conversion process requires about 5-7 stages of customer interaction before sending them a promotion on your paid services. So once they have subscribed to your email list, you still need to engage them through email automation where whenever one subscribes they get instant emails welcoming them to the website. Then the next time you could offer a free ebook and insights that are of value to the lead. You could also share testimonials by other people who have successfully used your services. Lastly, you could show them how your services could add value to their companies using ROI calculators as content. There you have it, you have wooed the client from start to end and they can now say yes to your marriage proposal.
  6. After this stage, deploy outbound techniques such as face to face meetings as well as exemplary customer service to ensure retention and word of mouth.

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