Advanced Digital Marketing Course In Kenya


The Advanced Digital Marketing Course will give you everything you need to succeed in the corporate world of marketing and advertising. On completion of this course, you will be able to develop and execute a solid digital marketing strategy.

This Digital Marketing Course offers you a wide spectrum of relevant modules that are accredited and relevant within the context of online marketing.

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This Advanced Digital Marketing Course is aimed at:

  • Working professionals wanting to upskill themselves in digital marketing
  • Existing Marketing and Advertising professionals looking for an edge in the working environment


Ksh. 15,000

(50% on booking and the rest before the first class)

Early birds get a 10% Discount

{Once paid we can only refund up to 70%. Refunds will be made 30 days after the time of the request.}


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Training Day 1:

101: Building a WordPress Website

Acquiring a website can be anything between Ksh. 50000 to Ksh. 150,000. In this class we will take a step by step approach to building your website using WordPress CMS. We will purchase the domain in class, purchase a suitable theme and go through WordPress’ interface to allow you to build a world-class website.

Training Day 2:

201:  SEO Implementation

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to implement SEO. We will be using your wordpress website from the last class. We will cover the best practices as recommended by Google. We will also cover link building techniques and the do’s and donts.

We will cover topics like Keyword research, The SEO checklist and SEO measuring tools, and finally how to audit your companys website and identify loopholes.

Training Day 3:

301: Introduction To Google Ads

Learn how to create Search and display ad campaigns

Learn the different bidding options and how to use Target CPAs to reduce cost


Training Day 4:

401: Measurement & Tracking

We will look at how to set up tracking on your website using Google Tag Manager. We will look at how to install tags and scripts in GTM without bloating the website. We will then look at Google Analytics and the important metrics. We will learn how to create conversion goals and event tracking and finally reports  on excel.



Nairobi Garage– Pinetree Bulding, Kilimani.


February 15th,22nd, and 29th


10:00 am to 1:00 pm

Companies Our Students Have Come From


We don’t just let you walk away after our digital marketing courses. We offer 1 hour consultation to our students within 30days after the class. So if you want to learn more or you need help with something you can utilize the 1 hour with any of our trainers after the workshop.

We also have whatsapp groups for each class where we can network and share any job or business opportunities that should come by. Our goal is to see you learn and thrive in the digital marketing space.