Build Trust Not Traffic is the new Digital Strategy

Build Trust Not Traffic is the new Digital Strategy

Build Trust Not Traffic

Back in the day I used to shoot for a blogger called Sharon Mundia for her blog ThisIsEss. I concentrated on creating the best kind of images and she focused on the writing and connecting with her blog followers. A few years down the line, she had blown up to be very influential with over 100 shares on each of her blogs. Her Instagram page shot up from 10,000 followers to now 200,000 plus followers. It wasn’t until recently that I was asked what made her so successful in this day and age where Social media platforms like Facebook are limiting organic reach to almost 1%.

We have a lot of brands focused on paid advertising but sadly, you can trick the audience into clicking your links but you can’t trick them into sharing the content. You just have to build trust and not traffic alone.

Sitting back and analyzing Sharon’s growth and what made her very influential I think we could all agree is trust. She managed to build trust with her followers through impeccable branding. From investing in high quality visuals, to constant engagement with her fans, to how she spoke and portrayed herself. This helped build trust with her audience. Now she can post a picture of a salt shaker from her phone and she will still get a tonne of likes.

Branding and building trust is way more important than the amount of traffic you get. Most times you will pay for content and have a spike in number of likes and engagement  but the next time you post you will have 2 likes only. The idea in this age of overwhelming content is to build relationships with audiences and ensuring more social shares than just traffic. Influencer marketing has never become as important as today. If you can’t get organic distribution by yourself connect with influencers who are relevant to you and tap into their audience. Companies need to connect with their audiences and make them believe in them to a point of sharing their content organically. In the beginning it may be expensive to produce quality content to assist in your branding but once you build trust it will be so rewarding that you will spend way much less in creating content and this is the new Digital Strategy in this noisy digital age.

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