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About us

We are Digital Skills trainers helping  companies and professionals in Kenya to acquire relevant digital skills to increase ROI and remain competitve.

Hiring the best digital marketing talent for your company can be a daunting process and there is a huge skill-gap in the industry.

The Portfolio provides up to date digital skills training programmes to ensure your team is constantly improving. During our time together, we will help upskill existing ornew employees to ensure a smooth hand over after our tenure.

As digital skills trainers our number one goal is to upskill talent in Kenya and help place the right talent in companies we work with. Here at The Portfolio, we want to bridge the gap and build digtial skills capacity in Kenya.

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Juliet from IFC shares her experience after taking our Monthly digital Workshop

The company was founded by Victor Peace, an experienced entrepreneur, digital expert and learning consultant.

Over the years we’ve been gaining insights and finding ways to re-thinking how people in Africa can better embrace digital technologies, improve their lives and grow companies. We believe that education is one of the key pillars for providing employment, business opportunities and improving the lives of youth in Africa.

We encourage like-minded professionals with proven experience to join us in our mission to upskill Africa.