How Artificial Intelligence Will Affect Marketers in 2020 in Kenya

How Artificial Intelligence Will Affect Marketers in 2020 in Kenya

How Artificial Intelligence Will Affect Marketers in 2020 in Kenya

Artificial intelligence (AI) is definitely not a new topic but the developments in the past few years have been tremendous. But even so, many brands in Kenya are still yet to explore how to use Ai in their marketing activities.  This will gradually change as companies in Kenya start embracing digital marketing techniques and eventually using AI in their markeitng strategies. It is believed that in the next 5- 10 years most companies globally will have to adopt AI in their marketing to remain competitive.

Smart Searches and dynamic ads

Information on search engines is now available faster than ever before. Search engines like Google are using AI to determine the best possible results for each kind of user. If you are a media buyer, I believe you have seen how Google has introduced dynamic search and display ad options. Googles algorithms can now learn who is most likely to click on your ad and serve it to them. It can determine which Ad content works best and optimize your budget for you. Although, not fully effective, every day Google is improving the algorithms. Soon, creating an ad on Google ads will be simple button clicks and the AI will do the rest.

Smart Assistants

Though still not big in Africa, we are seeing the rise of smart assistants like Alexa, Siri, Cortana etc which will greatly affect SEO in the coming years. Marketiers will need to start considering voice SEO in their marketing strategies.

Data Collection

Using chatbots, marketers will be able to collect data on website and app visitors. This will help in supplementing customer personas, clearly defining customer segmants and offerings. This will help in increasing the rate of conversions. This will also provide faster customer service, where lean organizations will use Artificial intelligence (AI) to respond to customer queries 24/7

Smarter and Quicker Customer Setiment Feedback

Imagine the number of eople talking about your organization online. From twitter to Facebook to Google reviews, it’s hard for marketers to sit down and analyse this data to determine brand sentiment. Using AI companies will be able to sift through this data in short periods of time. Companies will know what consumers think about their products or services almost in realtime.


AI is already here in Africa! The flip side is, some professions will be lost. Things that took 2 or 3 people to execute will now need one person. As a marketer, the trick is to know this and upskill yourself. Start learning new relevant things that can help you ride the AI tidal wave. AI is here to stay as it makes things faster and is cost effective for organizations.

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