A step by step guide on creating a digital strategy for your company

A step by step guide on creating a digital strategy for your company

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A step by step digital strategy guide for your company

How do you create a digital strategy that works for your company? Here is a step by step guide.

A digital strategy is an overarching plan on all your digital marketing efforts for a particular period of time. It is not a static document but rather, one that you constantly improve on. Here is a guide that can help you out if you’ve never created one before.

I have worked in companies that were campaign first. We would jump on social media platforms because it was the in-thing. Quickly, we would create digital campaigns to push the next sale. Most times the marketing team would be overstretched and our boss would constantly puke insults on us. Later on, I found out that the problem was we were marketing backwards!

Build your digital strategy in the right order using this guide

If you are familiar with the inbound methodology, you will notice that most companies start their marketing efforts on the attract stage. Thing is, you will most definitely be shooting blanks in the dark and you won’t get the desired results.

digital strategyLet’s close our eyes and go hunting for a minute. Our animal of choice, in this case, will be a gazelle. The first thing we would do is sit down and think about the gazelle. Where are they found? What food do they eat? Are they dangerous? Do they live in groups? What weapons do I need? What time of day do they come out? Once you have all this information, then you can easily go out and capture your gazelle.

Same thing with your Digital marketing. Here are the steps of creating a digital strategy that will help you capture your gazelle.

Step 1: Define

In the define phase, you will need to come up with a core messaging document. The document contains information about your company’s unique selling point, current efforts, buyer personas and finally the marketing mix. All this information can be achieved by sharing a requirements analysis questionnaire with your relevant stakeholders.

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The core messaging document will help you understand who your gazelle is. You will see what digital marketing mix to use to attract and the proper strategy to convert them into sales.

Step 2: Create

This stage in your digital strategy involves creating key content pieces based on the define stage. One way to organize this process is to create a content calendar. There is a wide array of content you can create. From podcasts, videos, blog posts etc. Make sure it all suits your gazelle.

Step 3: Attract

Most marketers love this stage. It involves using the content created in step 2 and the core messaging document in step 1 to lure your gazelle. Start planning campaigns, make your presence reliable and realistic. A consistent presence across all platforms will ensure that you are on the right track in meeting your marketing goals and success that you set in your DEFINE phase.  Some of the ways include Social media campaigns, Blog posts, ads, running contests and offers, email marketing etc.

Step 4: Convert

This stage includes the processes of converting your potential prospects into leads then to sales. Some of the ways you can do this includes

  1. Conversion tracking: The beauty of digital marketing is the ability to track leads up to the point where they convert. One of the easiest ways to do this is tracking your lead forms on your landing pages/websites by including a thank you page. You can then add the landing page to your Google Analytics goal section and mark anyone who gets to the thank you page as a conversion. Other ways you can do this is through event listening which is a bit more complex where instead of creating thank you pages for each form you can track button clicks.
  2. Other ways you can ensure conversions is by using CTAs (Call to Actions) in your website pages and posts. The trick is to have relevant CTAs that can lure someone into clicking and converting into leads.  See the below example:

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Step 5: Close

In this stage of the digital strategy, your gazelle is hot and ready to be eaten. One of the tactics you can deploy is marketing automation. These are detailed lead nurturing maps that show which type of communication will be given to ensure the lead closes. For example, if a potential customer wanted to purchase a bike but they abandoned the shopping cart, you can send them an automated email with a testimonial that will help close the sale.

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Step 6: Delight

It is easy to close a deal and forget about your gazelle. In this stage, we focus on tactics that can make your gazelle so happy that they will go and get more gazelles for you. You can use the following methods in your strategy:

  1. Smart content: you can share with them valuable exclusive content that relates to their needs.
  2. Exclusive offers and deals they would care about.

After going through the above digital¬†marketing strategy guide stages you will be able to have a comprehensive. Based on this you can convert more leads/gazelles. The main point is, don’t market backwards, remember to define your goals and gazelle.


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