Importance of Content Mapping To the Buying Process

Importance of Content Mapping To the Buying Process

What is it and why it’s important to the buying process.

Content marketing is a powerful lead generation and leads assisting channel. Furthermore, a great content strategy pieces everything together. Content Mapping should be at the top of your list when coming up with a content strategy. It involves looking at the different types of content you have and mapping them to your sales funnel. This will effectively nurture your lead into the final sale.

Content Mapping Stage 1:

At the top of the funnel, about 75% of your customers are looking for information to assist their buying process. You can take two approaches here; to both inform your customers as well as collect leads for future nurturing.

  1. No-Risk Offers to mean that a buyer will not need to register to access the content. This mostly includes blog articles, youtube videos, podcasts etc
  2. Low-Risk Offers: These types of content involve buyers registering with their email addresses. Low-risk offers are great for collecting leads. Content that works in this stage include E-books, White Papers, Templates. The idea is to deploy a rewards system for your content consumers.


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Content Mapping Stage 2:

This is the comparison phase. Where about 25% of your leads have your product in mind but are looking to compare with other options available. You can influence this stage of the funnel by providing content like Testimonials, Demos, Trials, Endorsements etc At this point you want to assure them that your product is the best for them.


Content Mapping Stage 3:

About 2% reach this stage of the funnel. These are normally leads that are ready to take action. To improve conversions at this stage we can use Call to action buttons in the different pages or posts eg. “Buy Now”, ” Book Now” etc.  YOu could also direct them to your contact form to collect their information and call them.


Our online environment is filled with more and more content every year because great, mediocre, and terrible blog posts, videos, and infographics are increasingly being produced and this is a sign that content marketing is well worth your time. You’ll just have to invest more energy into it to stand apart from the crowd.

Content mapping is one of the key areas in creating a content strategy and it helps to understand your audience such that you can create relevant content at every step of their buying process.

A lot of us expect to get the clients directly from discovery to buying immediately but the reality is they usually discover your website or social media page, think about your product, spend a few weeks or months thinking, see a retargeting ad, and then buy. At least, it goes something like that.

The point is that most people take a bit of time to make a purchase. Content mapping seeks to influence decisions during the Awareness, Consideration and Decision stages.

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