Inform Your Digital Strategy By Doing A Social Media Audit

Inform Your Digital Strategy By Doing A Social Media Audit

Hi Guys so here is how I do my social media audit. As you may know, I just started my new job as Marketing Manager in a company called Arifu. I’m still a bit new but i’ll try explain what we do. Arifu is an Ai (We use Chatbot Technology) that provides education through mobile phones. No internet or airtime needed. We mainly work with farmers and merchants to deliver industry specific education to further improve their lives.

As the first marketing manager the company has had, my first task is to introduce structure to the department. This includes creating the marketing plan, marketing budget, align suppliers etc etc. Our company is mainly a B2B company, so I’ve found that we will heavily rely on Digital Marketing to generate leads. Before starting on the Digital strategy, I have found it is important to first understand where the company is.That way you can know where it will be heading to and in turn measure my efforts, hence the Social Media Audit.

A social media audit looks at the data from all your social accounts, the social equity about your brand and your competitors. The social media audit helps in:

  • Develop/ adjust a social media strategy that aligns to specific, actionable business objectives and goals.
  • Discover trends that you can use to create or modify social media campaigns.
  • Receive valuable insight into customer sentiment and perception of your brand.
  • Provides your team a look into what is/ not working so you can manage and justify social media spend.

I have been using a template in my previous organizations that really helps consolidate the process.

Click here to download the template.

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section and I will be happy to reply.


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