7 ways To Take Your Instagram Game To The Next Level

7 ways To Take Your Instagram Game To The Next Level

As a content marketer in the lifestyle, luxury and hospitality industry, Instagram should be among your most frequently used apps. It’s a great way to showcase your latest work or services, keep your followers updated, attract new collaborators, and impress new clients. But building a loyal and respective following isn’t done overnight. Here are 7 rules that will help you become the next Instagram superstar:

1. Quality over Quantity

Most times you don’t want people to forget about you or your work on Instagram, so you’re constantly looking for photos to post in order to keep momentum going. Relax. Chances are your followers follow more accounts than just yours, and their lives do not depend on you updating your account every thirty minutes. Instead of focusing on posting 24/7, keep your focus on creating quality content, and only post when you’ve got a frame you really need to share. One great photo a day is worth way more than 10 uninterested ones.

2. Pick a good username

Don’t overcomplicate things. Pick a username that’s easy to spell, as is short as possible, and that makes sense. In the end you want to make it easy for people to find you, and chances are they won’t find you if your username has nothing to do with who you are and what you do.

3. Don’t buy your followers

One good and loyal follower is worth a thousand.

4. Engage (like like like)

Make sure to connect with people by exploring new users and liking photos. Other Instagram users love a like just as much as you do, so chances are they’ll check out your profile once you’ve liked a few of their photos. And if you follow point 1 religiously, they’ll be stupid not to follow you.

5. The 1-2-3 Rule

A good way to engage with other users is to follow the 1-2-3 Rule. When you post 1 photo, comment on 2, and like 3. You’re already on Instagram posting, so why not be effective and get some engagement in at the same time.

6. Stay consistent

I always stress this in all of my talks on content creation. Consistency is extremely important across the whole board. If people follow you for your amazing photos of models in cars, then that’s exactly what they followed you for. You still need to keep it interesting, but pay attention to what works for you, and stick to it.

7. Hashtags

Sure, hashtags are cool, but who really checks the #photooftheday or #nofilter hashtags? Keep them on the minimum, and stick to relevant ones like #portfolioafrica


Remember to use Instagram as an extension of your brand identity, and not a playground where you just post anything. Feel free to discuss your own experiences with Instagram in the comments area


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