Marketing excellence is a requirement for success in any business, from startups to the most established companies. The art and science of marketing are constantly evolving.

In these Digital Marketing Classes, you will arm yourself with the essential principles and practices of marketing in the digital economy. This workshop is organized around 3 broad themes and we will use relevant theory and analysis, as well as numerous practical examples to develop our key learning points.

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These Digital Marketing Classes are aimed at:

New marketing executives,

Small business owners,

Career changers and

Entrepreneurs in Nairobi.

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Training Day 1:

101: Understanding the fundamentals of inbound marketing

Inbound is a method of attracting, engaging, and delighting people to grow a business that provides value and builds trust. As technology shifts, inbound guides a company to do business in a human and helpful way.The inbound approach to doing business is more human and customer-centered. Learn about why this shift has happened, how buying behaviors are evolving, and the fundamentals of an inbound business.

102: Growing your business with a flywheel model

It’s easy to visualize your business as a funnel because any time you look at a graph representing a conversion process, the chart itself is shaped like a funnel. A flywheel is a machine that stores rotational energy. When you add energy to a flywheel, it starts to spin. If you add more energy to it, it spins faster. And unlike a funnel, where the only way to maintain a constant speed is to keep adding more to it, the flywheel will continue spinning.

From a business perspective, the rotation of the flywheel represents the growth of your business. Happy customers provide the energy that fuels that growth. Everything you do should be done with the goal of creating customers who will add positive energy to the flywheel and accelerate your company’s growth.

103: Creating buyer personas

If you want your company to grow better, you need a deep understanding of your ideal customer. To get there, we recommend creating a buyer persona. A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal buyer based on data, interviews, and some educated guesses.

It’s essentially a definition of your ideal buyer presented in a way that sounds like it’s talking about a specific person. This makes it easy for your team to remember your persona and keep them in the front of their minds.

104: Developing the buyers journey 

The buyer’s journey is the active research process someone goes through leading up to a purchase. It’s a fundamental part of an inbound strategy because it’s a framework you can use to understand your buyer’s needs and provide the information they need to reach their goals.

Training Day 2:

201: Working with Google ads

You’ll learn how to set up a Google ads account.

Learn how to create your first Google Ads Campaign

Learn how to create and implement a paid ads strategy to reduce cost per coversion and increase conversions.


Training Day 3:

301: Finding the right SEO strategy

You’ll learn how search engines rank your content, how to measure the state of your current SEO, and how to figure out an approach to SEO that fits with your company’s needs. This lesson includes a tools that helps you evaluate the state of your SEO authority and identify specific areas for improvement so you can give your website a better chance of ranking.

302: Implementing SEO

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to implement SEO. We will be using a wordpress website for the demonstration. We will cover the best practices as recommended by Google. We will also cover link building techniques and the do’s and donts.


Nairobi Garage– Pinetree Bulding, Kilimani.


February 8th,15th, and 22nd


10:00 am to 1:00 pm

Companies Our Students Have Come From


We don’t just let you walk away after this. We offer 1 hour consultation to our students within 30days after the digital marketing classes. So if you want to learn more or you need help with something you can utilize the 1 hour with any of our trainers after the workshop.

We also have whatsapp groups for each class where we can network and share any job or business opportunities that should come by. Our goal is to see you learn and thrive in the digital marketing space.